We have the experience and connections to help create your summer or semester field course. Let us handle the planning and preparation, just tell us what you want to see and do! We can perform any and all tasks from finding accommodations, scheduling dives, handling equipment rentals, and teaching lectures + field techniques. Please see this page for more details about how to book a field course and to view our guidebook.


Conducting work in Puerto Rico? Hire us as technicians or let us help you with logistics. Isla Mar's dive team has over 30 years of combined diving experience, with over 10 years serving as scientific divers. We can help arrange the logistics of your project, collect samples, deploy oceanic equipment, assist with permit acquisition, among other tasks. If you're writing a grant, please reach out to us prior to submission so we can discuss budgeting.


Evan Tuohy is a technical diver that performs this service for organizations, universities and specific projects around the United States and Caribbean. He is a certified IANDT Closed Circuit Rebreather TriMix diver, and Advanced Nitrox Open Circuit Diver. Technical diving services range from specimen collection at mesophotic depths, deep drilling projects, underwater visual census and in-situ surgical tag implementation in fish at depth.


Our USCG-inspected vessel, the Guacamaia, is a 30 ft Island Hopper Dive Boat, available for your field courses, research expeditions and marine-related projects along the west/southwest coast of Puerto Rico, including Mona Island and Desecheo. Our USCG-licensed captains are also dive instructors with extensive knowledge and experience with scientific diving in diverse conditions.


We work with local organizations to spread the word of ocean conservation through a variety of media. Apart from co-hosting and organizing large public awareness events, we also provide articles and presentations in local magazines and international conferences. We give workshops on various skills and topics ranging from Caribbean reef fish identification, fisheries topics, bioacoustics, lionfish handling and general marine conservation topics. We are available for in-person and virtual outreach. 


See the reef through the eyes of a marine scientist! We now offer educational snorkel tours of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve. No snorkeling experience is required! We'll give you an introduction to the history and importance of the reserve, then take you out to show you the beauty of the reef! We'll also tell you about our ongoing projects.