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youth program

Our youth program trains the next generation of young scientists ages 7-12 in ocean-themed, hands-on education. 

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about the youth program

Our courses are offered as 6-week blocks, meeting once a week per age group, to explore a specific ocean theme. We'll spend two hours diving into hands-on, creative exploration to learn about coral reefs, food webs, island biogeography, ocean history and more! The classes will be held at Isla Mar's tropical classroom with some field trips to the ocean. Our scientists-in-training will engage with active scientists, learn from leaders in the field, and interact in a group setting. 

The courses are offered on a first come, first basis. Before each course, we will offer a sign-up form to collect registration information. On the closing date, we will then contact each parent to further the process. If you're waitlisted, then you'll be among the first to know about the next 6-week course to give you a chance to join in. 

Fall 2023

Topic: Marine Critters, Life in the Sea

In this course, we will explore the wide variety of life in the ocean - from microscopic plankton to the largest of all species, the blue whale.  The students will learn how the amazingly complex ocean food web depends on the tiniest plants, understand more about the most diverse group of animals in the sea (hint: invertebrates!), and dive into the different vertebrate groups thriving in the sea.  What is your child’s favorite marine critter?


Dates & Times

Ages 7-9 | Tuesdays  | Sept 12 to Oct 17, 2023

Ages 10-12 | Thursdays | Sept 14 to Oct 19, 2023

Time: 3-5pm

The second Fall course will be announced in November!

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Meet Leslie, our Director of Youth Education

Leslie is an avid ocean lover with a passion for marine education and conservation.  She began teaching ocean classes to local students in Puerto Rico in 2016 and has more than 13 years of experience in marine education and outreach initiatives.  She has specialized in providing unique opportunities for young girls to learn about oceanography, the women pioneers in science who paved the way and ways to actively join the movement to save our seas.

Images by Leslie Wade

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