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marine science Seed fund

Our $2000 Marine Science Seed Fund is designed to provide a bit of start-up assistance for a qualified undergraduate or graduate student in Puerto Rico to be used for their research or training in marine science. 

Applications Due: May 30, 2024
Award recipient will be announced July 30, 2024

about the fund

The goal of this fund is to provide a bit of financial assistance ($2000) to a qualified student looking to start their research, attend a workshop or supplement other needs that a current grant does not cover. As previous students ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to get started in research, or attend a workshop or training, when your income is needed for other expenses (um, like the rest of living). Please read below to find out who qualifies to apply, how the funds can be used, requirements for submission, expectations of the recipient and how to submit your application. 

Read more about the award recipients for 2022: Omar, Nanushka, Ivanis and Daniel

who can apply?

Any current student (undergraduate or graduate) enrolled at any Puerto Rican university in the study of oceanographic, marine biology, or environmental science degree is eligible to apply. You can be enrolled in a general or terrestrial field of science as long as the research for which you are seeking the funds is related to marine science (ex. you are a Zoology major studying sea turtles; you are a Biology major studying dune restoration). You must provide proof of your matricula and proof of the degree program.

how can the funds be used?

The funds can be used for the following types of activities and/or reasons. If you do not see your activitiy listed, feel free to reach out and inquire about it. 

  • To fund start-up costs of your research project like buying supplies and materials 

  • To pay for the registration costs of a training workshop where you will learn a skill that you need to complete your research

  • To supplement a current grant that no longer has funds for materials, justifying why the extra materials are needed

  • To pay for molecular processing, such as sequencing costs, for your samples

  • To pay for rental costs of scientific research equipment like an acoustic doppler current profiler

The funds could be considered for the following purposes, with explicit explanation as to why these are necessary and cannot be covered by other means:

  • To pay for or supplement logistical costs of field sampling such as travel costs to reach your research site 

  • To purchase specialized technical equipment needed specifically for your project

The funds cannot be used for these purposes:

  • To purchase dive equipment or pay for diving certifications

  • To pay for attending a conference

  • To purchase lab equipment that your lab should already be providing

  • To pay a salary

If you are not sure if your idea qualifies, please send us a message using the Contact Us form on our website.

requirements for applying

To apply, please prepare a three-page (max) project proposal that describes your research project and how the funds will be used. The project proposal should be typed, Times New Roman, size 12 font, 1 inch margins and submitted as a PDF file. Be sure to include the following in your proposal:

  1. A title page with the title of your project, your name, advisor's name, location where the project takes place, total amount requested (max $2000), and project expected start and completion dates

  2. Brief introduction with background, rationale, and objectives for your study

  3. Methods to be used

  4. Expected results

  5. How the funds will be used and if other financial means are available to support the project, or if other means are being sought separately (indicate which grants you have applied for and waiting response).

  6. A budget table with the cost breakdown and budget justification for each item

  7. References for your literature cited

There is potential that more than one student could be funded in the same year depending on the maximum amount requested from the applicants and the availability of excess donations beyond our $2000 committed amount. Proposals for any amount, up to the maximum, are welcome to apply and it is not required that projects request the full amount to be considered.

Please also prepare your resume or CV that should indicate your school and current degree program, past education or degrees achieved, relevant work experience or volunteer experience, any publications or related activities to your research (i.e. workshops attended, conferences presented at, etc) and list three professional references, such as an advisor, professor or project supervisor. Your resume/CV should not exceed two pages.

One letter of reference is required and should be from your advisor or project supervisor. Please see How to Apply for details on where the letter should be sent.

Expectations of award recipient

You will be expected to submit progress reports to update Isla Mar on the status of your project and use of the funds. You will need to keep track of your receipts and submit these as evidence of proper use of the funds. Periodically you may also be featured on our website and social media. Detailed expectations will be provided to the award recipient. 

How to apply

To apply, please send an email to with the subject "Marine Science Seed Fund" and include the following attachments:

  1. A three-page (max) project proposal 

  2. Proof of your current enrollment (matricula or proof of acceptance)

  3. Proof of your degree program that shows your degree field (i.e. Biological Oceanography)

  4. Your resume or CV

One letter of reference from your advisor or project coordinator should be sent directly to with subject line "LOR -  YOUR NAME" with your name in the subject. Please do not send your letter of reference with your application, it must come directly from your reference.

Who Can Apply
How Can Funds Be Used
How to Apply


Apply by May 30, 2024

Award recipient announced July 30, 2024

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