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The Guacamaia

The Guacamaia is an Island Hopper Dive Boat equipped for scientific research and extended range diving operations.

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how to book our vessel

US Coast Guard inspected and documented. Rates include captain services and fuel. Competitively priced for trips to Mona, Desecheo and south/southwest/ west Puerto Rico. Our crew is an experienced team of licensed captains and dive instructors.


As scientists, we understand your needs and expectations for field projects. We can help coordinate tank rentals and research permits as well. Maximum 6 people on trips to Mona. Other sites are variable depending on number of dives required.

We are a scientific vessel for research needs and government agency logistical support.  Any diver who plans to dive from our vessel must have a scientific diving certification or comparable advanced recreational diving skills. The Guacamaia is a not a tourism dive charter.

To request a quote, please email us directly with your needs. For trips to Mona, please have your manifest handy to help us calculate weight requirements.

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