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book a field course

Our field courses and experiential learning expeditions are fully customizable to your needs. These can be tailored for students or citizen scientists. See below for more details.


how to book a field course

We create fully customizable field courses and experiential learning expeditions for students and citizen scientists. We handle everything from logistics (securing lodging, catered meals, transportation) and instructing field and classroom sessions. Our unique network allows you to take advantage of our special relationships with scientists and professionals that we bring on board during your course to expose your group to a diversity of educational themes. 

We can work with your budget to help accommodate your requirements to stay within a certain price point. The majority of our field work during the course is from shore which sets us apart from field courses elsewhere in the Caribbean as we do not need a vessel to reach our sites (lowers costs). However, our vessel is available for field courses should you decide to include a trip to Desecheo in your plans (which we highly recommend!). 

To get started, reach out to us by email to express interest and briefly describe the goals of your course and what you want your group to experience. We will follow up with you to finish gathering details in order to prepare you a sample schedule and budget. Once we agree on those details, we will handle the rest of the planning! 

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