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Located in Puerto Rico, we are a field-course coordination and scientific education company with a mission to outfit our upcoming scientists with the skills they need to conserve and protect our natural resources. We have the experience necessary to train and assist those in our field with research and field techniques.



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Our Services 

Explore the island of Puerto Rico - both in and out of the water. Our team of experienced field biologists will assist in everything from experimental design, implementing your current design, leading your groups and more. We work frequently with university field courses and individual scientists requiring field assistance. 

hosting & coordinating field courses

hosting & coordinating field courses

responsible tourism - snorkel tours

responsible tourism - snorkel tours

project assistance

project assistance

education & Outreach

education & Outreach

technical diving

technical diving


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current projects

Our ongoing projects provide valuable information to assess the changes in our coral reef ecosystems. Here is sample of current projects in Puerto Rico. 

See the full list here.


assessing effectiveness of artedi

We designed an app - Artedi - to teach fish identification while underwater. Now we are testing to see if the app is more effective than traditional learning. 


reef restoration monitoring

Following Hurricane Maria, we took part in an Elkhorn coral restoration effort at the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve. We continue to monitor these restored colonies for the long-term.

nassau grouper spawning aggregation monitoring

Using acoustic technologies and underwater visual census, we perform long-term monitoring of the last known spawning aggregation of the endangered Nassau grouper in Puerto Rico.


using edna to locate fish spawning aggregations

Our flagship project to investigate using eDNA sampling to find specific fish spawning sites in Puerto Rico.


our partners

HJR Reefscaping
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Florida Institute of Technology
Amigos de Tres Palmas
Marine Genomics Laboratory | Department of Marine Sciences
Sam Noble Museum

NOAA National Coral Reef Monitoring Program
Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Union University
Oceanic Society