Services & Skills


From field courses to field assistance, we have you covered.


field courses

Hosting & Coordinating

Let us take care of all the planning, organizing and coordinating. We can lead classroom and in-field sessions, guide excursions, develop small projects and more. You're one stop shop for an educational island experience.



biological assessment

Fish & Benthic Surveys

Available for independent projects, monitoring or environmental impact assessments. Training in these techniques are included in all marine ecology field courses.


marine ecology

Field Technique Training

Instruction in sampling protocols for underwater visual census of fish and benthic communities on coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove habitats.


specimen collection

Sample Acquisition

Marine organisms, local and international options available. Assistance with your on-site collection, or shipping to your location.



invasive species

Lionfish Collection & Handling

Instruction in proper collection and handling methods; including sessions on dissection, gut content analysis, sexing and otolith removal.



island explorer

Guided Excursions

Included in field courses, but offered as independent activities for other visiting scientists or educational teams. Off-the-beaten-path hidden gems for taste of the island.



technical diving skills

Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diving

Technically trained diver for hire, with experience in deep technical diving, sample collection and surveys.



science communication

Education & Outreach

Planning, coordinating and implementing local outreach of environmental and ocean issues.