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Women in Science at Isla Mar: Natalie Baez

For Women's History Month this March, we're celebrating Isla Mar's women in science! Dive in as we get to know what inspires them, what energizes them, and what gives them hope for the future.

Natalie Baez | Marine Scientist

Hi! My name is Natalie Baez and I am a Master's student studying Marine Science.

Why do you love the ocean?

What I love about the ocean is that it's a place where there's always something new to see and learn. Not to mention, it's a place where I go daily to relax and be in nature. It's where I always feel at peace. And where I'm always happy.

What’s your favorite part of work?

That's why I love what I do because I'm working with the two things I'm most passionate about: the ocean and the animals. In addition, I feel like I'm putting in my grain of sand contributing to science.

Tell us about Elasmobranchs.

Something I'd like to share about my field of study, Elasmobranchs, which are the sharks and rays, is that their consumption provides no nutritional value. To the contrary - their tissues are high in pollutants such as Mercury and heavy metals that can cause damage to our health. Apart from this, they have ecological value and are extremely important and irreplaceable.

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