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Isla Mar leads new project to strengthen recovery of Nassau grouper

Nassau grouper. Photo by JP Zegarra

Isla Mar has been contracted by the Puerto Rico Dept. of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) to conduct a three-year monitoring project on Nassau grouper in Puerto Rico. This project is funded by NOAA's Endangered Species Act Section 6 funding opportunity awarded to state level agencies.

The Isla Mar team consists of four contractors with experience monitoring and surveying commercially important grouper populations in Puerto Rico for several years. The project will tackle several important aspects of species recovery for Nassau grouper, including monitoring the last known spawning aggregation for the island, searching and characterizing critical habitat used by juvenile Nassau grouper, and working with enforcement from federal and state agencies to train and educate about this fish species and its federal protections. This three year project will begin in July 2021.

More information about Nassau grouper in Puerto Rico can be found on Isla Mar's complementary project page, .


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