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Men in Science at Isla Mar: Evan Tuohy

Our work wouldn't be possible without the amazing people on our team! So, to continue our tribute, we will be featuring the Men in Science at Isla Mar during April. So dive in as we get to know what inspires them, what energizes them, and what gives them hope for the future.

Evan Tuohy | Marine Scientist

Hi! My name is Evan Tuohy and I'm a Marine Scientist.

Why do you love the ocean?

One of the things I love about the ocean is that it's a very dynamic environment. It can go from being the most calm and peaceful place on the earth to being the most chaotic and humbling environment in just a matter of moments.

What’s your favorite part of work?

What I love about the work that we do is the diving and also the people that we work with. From the second you enter the water it is like entering a whole different world and we are very fortunate to work with some amazing people that really don't make it seem like working a job at all!

Tell us about the field of Marine Science

One of the things I would like everybody to know about the field of Marine Science and marine ecosystems in general is that these are very vulnerable environments that merit our conservation. Our actions as visitors to these environments can have a profound effect both positively and negatively on the overall health of these ecosystems. So please consider that the next time you're out on the ocean - boating, diving, fishing, surfing - and please always choose the path of positivity.

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