Come Pez Leon - 2nd Lionfish Festival

In July 2016, we took part in the 2nd annual Come Pez Leon lionfish awareness festival in Guayanilla. Last year in September, we held the first festival that involved a serious lionfish derby where we removed 100 lionfish from a single pier within a couple hours. We then cooked up all those tasty fish and shared them with all the guests! With the success of this first festival, the mayor and the residents wanted to see it again.

So we came back and this time Isla Mar brought lionfish ceviche. And it was well received!! We were excited to be involved again this year. We made sure to ask every guest that visited our table if they had ever eaten lionfish before - to which most people responded no! So we are certainly helping to spread the awareness of this fish as a sustainable alternative to grouper or snapper - because it's quite tasty!