Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

This depends on the specific type of service. We can work with your budget and we have average rates that we generally quote for most projects requiring scuba diving and technical diving . For field course coordination and all other services, please speak with us directly so we can discuss budgeting.

How long are your field programs?

A typical program is two weeks, however we can accommodate any number of days you are interested in booking. We do recommend at least a 7-day course to make the most of your time here.

What is a typical schedule like for a field course?

 Take a look at this one week schedule and this two week schedule.

Can you assist with coordinating internships?

In many cases, yes! Feel free to contact us about internship availability. However, if you don't see anything posted from us here on our website or on Facebook, then we likely do not have paid internships at the time. But if you are interested in coordinating an internship with us, then send us a message outlining your project idea, budget, timeline and project needs.

What can you tell us about safety?

We and our associates are trained in oxygen administration and CPR techniques, as well as first aid. We carry a DAN O2 kit on all dives, and two first aid kits. We are certified Rescue Divers, and have waterman survival training. Our Dive Master has  well over 900+ dives. Both Chelsea & Evan combined have over 30 years of diving experience. Puerto Rico is a safe environment for diving; we are not subject to strong currents at our dive sites. We will not dive in inclement weather, and all divers have the right to decline a dive when they feel uncomfortable with any aspect.  In regards to snorkeling, the same safety precautions apply. For land excursions, we do not take our clients to areas of high risk. We only visit sites that we know well, and we scout new sites independently before taking the group.

Are you hiring?

See below!!

Are you willing to travel to perform your services elsewhere, off Puerto Rico?

Yes, we are both able and willing to travel for field work. We both have diverse resumes with specific skill sets that could be of use to projects and organizations off Puerto Rico as well. 

Tell me more about chartering your vessel.

The Guacamaia is a US Coast Guard inspected vessel, which means it is held to the strictest guidelines for safety and security for operation at sea. If you’re writing a proposal and looking to contract us for the use of Guacamaia, then please reach out so we can discuss rates. The charter of Guacamaia includes our seasoned Captain who is familiar with the coastal inshore and offshore waters of Puerto Rico. Rates are daily and varies with fuel cost depending on the location, but the average ranges from $1,200 - $1,500/day. Our vessel is located on the southwest coast of the island but is available for projects elsewhere. Do you already have a on-going project and need a quick fill in to get the job done? No problem, we will do our best to work with your existing budget.

Employment Opportunities

No employment opportunities at this time.